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P11 Management System

Building inspections using high-tech systems.

Using the NFC ( near field communication) technology, p11 assures a complete and rigorous inspection of your property and equipment. Your strategic areas will be better monitored and your maintenance tasks will be executed to fit your standards.

A complete and efficient tool, easy to use and economic.

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What is NFC technology?

Near field communication is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish communication with each other by touching or bringing them into proximity no more than just a few inches.


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P11, an efficient, complete and secure tool

At your service

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Technology at your service

As a Manager, the control board allows you to question and have a global view of the inspected activities, patrols and building maintenance. You will be able to identify problematic or non-compliant situations. You will be able to submit corrective measures immediately which will then be forwarded to your employee in real time. A detailed report will be available to you on a daily basis.

If you are the employee, the application will guide you through your required inspections and insure that the building maintenance will respect the company’s policy. You will do your rounds and when you will synchronize your NFC tag with your cell phone, you will be able to follow the requested tasks and answer questions. You will be able to inform of any problematic situation and P11 will automatically submit a report of the incident via text messages or e-mail. P11 becomes your work partner.

Easy to use

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Easy to use


From any Android phones (with or without a phone line) you can synchronize the desired information with the contact of an nfc tag. Be it photos, diverse information, inspection results, emergency warnings or communications via text messaging or email. Everything is practically done for you. All you have to do is answer the questions from the P11 application.


A control board in real time allows you to analyze and to receive a multitude of data. You can also obtain previous data with the research database. Intuitive, simple, efficient and reliable. You also have the possibility to modify the request at the various points of control according to your current and specific needs. This will allow you to create a patrol and a maintenance plan interactively, by submitting your requests or concerns to your appropriate staff within the system at all times.

This will allow you to save considerable amount of time.

3 easy steps

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Simple installation, 3 easy steps

Download the application
  • Download the mobile application on your Android phone.
  • Add your username and password to access your web application. Application is also accessible from a computer or tablet.
Install the NFC tags
  • Install the NFC tags at the desired sites or equipment, indoors or outdoors according to your needs.
  • Remove the protective backing and stick on the desired surfaces (3m glue). Once installed, it can only be removed with a 3m solvant.
  • It is possible to obtain tags with your company logo.
Register your data
  • Register your data on each nfc tag. At this time, each tag contains its own identification and its own information. Once the information is entered and saved, the synchronization will be done automatically with the web platform.


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Comparative analysis of existing technology


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Multi- Risk Management System P11

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