Specialized services

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Specialized services

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As Police use-of-force Experts with 50 years of experience in specialized Police Operations, we are the reference

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Yves Pothier has close to 30 years of police experience.

He has worked in numerous specialized fields including the Tactical Emergency Unit (S.W.A.T.), Anti-Riot Unit, Emergency Measures, Anti-Terrorist Unit and also a Police use-of-force Expert.

Yves Pothier Vice-President
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Specialized services

Police use-of-force Expert

You want to obtain a legal opinion concerning a use-of-force of force involving a police or private security intervention. Our experts have been recognized for more than 10 years. They will produce a detailed report explaining in their own judgment the legimacy of the intervention.


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Specialized training

Our service offers

MP Canada has acquired ITC company, who has offered for the past 20 years specialized training in physical intervention, rights and powers of arrests, communications during an altercation, preventive driving and more.

The knowledge of experienced ITC personnel is maintained by the same instructors but with the added expertise of MP Canada instructors.

We invite you to consult our training list through the PDF document. You will find everything you need to appropriately prepare your security employees be it a recruit or an expert.

We are able to offer private or group training in our office space or in your own premises.

Our service offers
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Judicial expert

Whether it is a criminal, civil, disciplinary or deontological nature, we will determine the legitimacy of the intervention.


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Whether it is for our products or our specialized services, our goal is to offer an expertise at the best value for your money.

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