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    Multi Risk Management System

    P11 is composed of a mobile application supported by a secure web platform. Working with edge technology, it will support in real time your daily security opérations and your building maintenance activities.

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    Specialized services

    Use-of-force Expert services

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    Specialized training

    Professionals training for professionals

    We train police officers, security guards and specialists in intervention, since 1996.

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As a manager, my goal is to quickly identify the problems and reduce their impact. A system such as P11 offers an excellent support to reduce daily tasks.

Jean-Guy Grenier, Bcom, CMC, CAdm, FinPlan Regional Director – Elite
Business Development and Marketing Strategy
Individual Insurance
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Our multi- disciplinary team has more than 50 years of experienceaccumulated in security and safety field.

There are more than 5000 satisfied customers.
Be part of the group!
About MP Canada
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P11 uses the latest state of the art technologies and offers you a system without compromise.


We offer our products and services at the lowest cost.


Professional support 24/7 so you will never be alone.