Install P11

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Easy to install.

P11 is designed to be installed by yourself allowing you to be completely independent. We invite you to look at the next video demonstrating the installation process.

Easy to use.

Whether you are the administrator, the manager or the employee. Enjoy.


How to install P11.

  • Download the P11 application on your cell phone or tablet.
  • Identify the different level of access for each user and each building.
  • Identify the equipment and locations that will be subject to an inspection and identify them on the secure Web Platform.
  • Install the tags at the appropriate and identified areas.
  • Register the data on each NFC tag with your mobile application and synchronize with the web platform.
  • You are now ready to perform your daily inspections.

Use P11

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How to use P11

You are the Administrator or Manager of the building.

  • How to follow the inspection activity, patrol and building maintenance.
  • How to adress the real time instructions or questions.
  • How to obtain the follow up report.
  • Information you can obtain.

You are the User

  • How to access the P11 mobile application.
  • How to do the diverse verifications.
  • How to modify a data.
  • How to signal an anomaly.
  • How to correct an anomaly.
  • How to change buildings.
  • How to change the language of use.


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Does the P11 system work on any cellular technology?

Non you have to use Android technology to be compatible with P11.

Are the NFC tags usable outside?

Yes, the NFC tags are resistant enough to be used in extreme weather from -40C to 40C.

Is P11 going to work when the cellular signal is not available or accessible?

Yes the system will still be functional, for example during an underground garage inspection, it will record the data and will be transferred as soon as the system will be available again.

Is P11 system safe and reliable?

Yes each NFC tag is coded and locked making it impossible to copy or read the data if you don't have an access code. The highly secure web platform manages all the data and is available for the building manager, and the administrator. The control is in your hands.

Can there be multiple users accessing P11 at the same time?

Yes it is possible to have multiple users accessing their phones simultaneously and the server will distribute the transmitted data.

During how many years will the data from my company be stored?

Your data will be saved for a period of 5 years but an extension would be available.


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